Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


When is roundabout project anticipated to begin?

Construction will begin April 21, 2014


When is roundabout project expected to be completed?

Contract 1 is expected to be completed August 31, 2014.


Will I be able to get to businesses near the construction zone?

Access to all businesses along Johnsburg Road and Chapel Hill Road will remain open during construction.


What does Contract 2 of the Johnsburg Road project include?

Contract 2 will begin at the eastern edge of Contract 1 project limits and consist of the construction of a modern roundabout at the St. Johns Avenue/Chapel Hill Road intersection. Also during Contract 2, the street enhancements will be completed.  From Spring Grove Road east to St. Johns Avenue/Chapel Hill Road, the sidewalk on both sides of Johnsburg Road will be finished along with other public amenities such as decorative roadway lighting, park benches and trash receptacles. 


Will there be any road closures during construction of Johnsburg Road?

St. Johns Avenue - Road closed between Johnsburg Road and Church Street. Local Traffic Only.

Eastbound Johnsburg Road – Road closed between Spring Grove Road and Fairview Avenue. Local Traffic Only.

Westbound Johnsburg Road – Roadway opened to westbound traffic from Chapel Hill Road to Johnsburg Road through the construction zone. Johnsburg Road will be closed to westbound traffic from Fairview Avenue to Chapel Hill Road. Local Traffic Only.

Why is a modern roundabout being constructed at the Johnsburg Road/St. Johns Avenue/Chapel Hill Road intersection instead of a traffic signal?

During the course of the design for the Johnsburg Road project, alternatives for both roundabouts and traffic signals were evaluated and presented to the public.  Two traffic signal designs and two roundabout designs were considered at the first public meeting for the project.  At the conclusion of the evaluation process, it was determined that a roundabout offered the best solution for this intersection given its superior operation and overall lower cost as compared to traditional traffic signals.


Will large vehicles be able to drive through the roundabout at the St. Johns Avenue/Chapel Hill Road intersection?

The roundabout has been designed to accommodate all anticipated vehicles that may drive through the intersection.  This includes large trucks and emergency vehicles.


Where can I go to find out more about roundabouts?

The McHenry County Division of Transportation has on its website information about modern roundabouts.  Click HERE for the website. 


Who can I call/contact with questions?

Please visit the Contact US page of the website